Meaning of the Sideway Cross and the ‘Live for Today’ Collection by Bobby White.

The latest collection by high jewellery designer and master craftsman Bobby White. A simple diamond cross laying sideways on the chain of the necklace or bracelet called ‘Live for Today’, but what is the meaning? In fact there’re dozens of theories and ideas of what the meaning can be, you just have to Google ‘what is the meaning of a sideway cross’ hundreds of pages will show up in your search, each page with its own idea and reason.  

However if you ask Bobby White of the meaning and inspiration to him, he will tell you; “it is a reminder that life should be lived every single day because we only have one life. The cross laying down represents earth compared to standing up representing the sky. Earth is where we live our lives; good or bad, we need to take every opportunity and live it to the full. Like my granddad used to say to me when I was a kid, ‘tomorrow never comes’. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, but now I know. Life is all about the present, we need to remember that”.

This is the meaning to Bobby White however when it comes to jewellery, Bobby say “each piece I design and make for someone always has a different and special meaning to them. It’s not about the statement it makes to others or the initial inspiration from the designer, but the story behind that piece from the wearer. Our jewellery has a wonderful emotional bond on us that will bring back memories, moments and people. This is what I love about jewellery, there’re not many other products in the world that can hold such powerful emotional feelings with us that is timeless”.  

 The Live for Today collection is made up of bracelets and necklaces for both men and women which start from £550. The collection is handmade in London from a selection of yellow, pink or white gold and set with either, rubies, black, champagne or white diamonds. Shop online at and receive complimentary free worldwide delivery.   

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