Bobby White fine jewellery designer

Are men moving toward rose gold? Are males getting more experimental with their jewellery? I did an interview for this month’s issue of Professional Jeweller along side other of the UK’s biggest men’s jewellery designers and brands. The article was written for the jewellery industry to help brands and buyers make better decisions on men’s jewellery styles and what they’re buying for 2015. You can download the full article, which I will share with you below.

For now I would like to talk to you about men’s jewellery styles, what I have been designing and what I think will be big over the next year. I was asked several questions by Professional Jeweller which you will see below with my reply’s 'Read Full Article' 

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Why are yellow diamonds more expensive?

The simple answer to this question is that yellow diamonds are more expensive because the stone is more rare, compared to the clear diamond, however with most things in life, there is never a simple answer to a good question.

 To demand a higher price tag, the diamond needs to be graded a fancy colour and not a colour grade on the low side of S-Z. So what is the difference between colour grade and a fancy grade? I am going to tell you next in this article. Then we will look at what roles, clarity, cut and carat weight plays in pricing a fancy yellow diamond by answering three questions, is clarity just as important with fancy yellow diamonds? What is the best cut? And what carat weight should I buy? Hopefully by the time I have answered these four questions, you will have a better understanding of why yellow diamonds are more expensive and you will have more confidence when discussing yellow diamonds with your jeweller.


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Twinnie-Lee Moore wearing Bobby White earrings

British actress who plays Porsche McQueen in Hollyoaks is nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ in this year’s 2015 British Soap Awards presented by Phillip Schofield which airs tonight on ITV at 8pm, the actual ceremony took place in Manchester last Saturday.

On Saturday Twinnie-Lee Moore wear a beautiful Ariella dress with earrings which where hand-made by high jeweller and master craftsman, Bobby White. The earrings where from Bobby White’s bespoke jewellery service. Made from 18ct white gold and set with eight, 1.00ct round brilliant cut diamonds and two 5.00ct pear cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 18.00ct and worth around £400,000. The stunning actress also had on a Bobby White Luxe Ring, a 3.35ct diamond ring which is available from his online store

The actress is also the face of Bobby White’s latest campaign along-side model Osh Mackenzie which was shot in the Rosewood Hotel; one of London’s must luxury hotels.   

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The latest collection by high jewellery designer and master craftsman Bobby White. A simple diamond cross laying sideways on the chain of the necklace or bracelet called ‘Live for Today’, but what is the meaning? In fact there’re dozens of theories and ideas of what the meaning can be, you just have to Google ‘what is the meaning of a sideway cross’ hundreds of pages will show up in your search, each page with its own idea and reason. However if you ask Bobby White of the meaning and inspiration to him, he will tell you....

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Bobby White’s design for jewellery caught the eye of the king of glamour, fashion designer Julien MacDonald OBE. MacDonald asked White if he would like to collaborate with him for the jewellery for his upcoming Autumn / Winter 2015 runway show which White was delighted with. 

White said “I follow fashion, I like to know who’s doing what, the up coming trends and their inspiration. Julien MacDonald is one of my favourite designers, I just love the detail and craftsmanship that goes into his dresses. I couldn’t ask for a better collaboration to be apart off. 

White and MacDonald set out and created a collection of bespoke folded metal belts with bold statement squiggle earrings and necklaces that worked perfect with this seasons dresses. You can view the full collection here.

Red Magazine quoted "Earrings and necklaces came in chrome squiggles, contrasting against the femme fatale glamour oozing from the embroidered dresses”

and Vogue "His girl aims to turn heads without looking too edgy, and to look sexy without being overt. This season's offering won't disappoint, erring as it did on the gothic side of glamorous”

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